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  1. Local storage and the onstorage event

    Every browser that supports local storage, exposes a new event in the window object called storage, so you can attach callbacks to it and be notified of changes. This is great, and you can use now cool features like communication between multiple tabs of your browser, just setting values on…

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  2. Cross-domain Request object and CORS

    There are several scenarios where we would need to perform a request against a different subdomain. Originally that was not possible by default(although there are some workarounds) due to the same domain restrictions. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) extends the original same domain restrictions in several ways. One of them…

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  3. Ownership

    A sense of ownership leads teams to solve impediments a bit faster than teams that take little control over their work. Ownership leads to more passion about their efforts.I have seen teams with a sense of ownership work overnight to implement something they felt strongly about. The goal, however,…

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  4. Being on the bleeding edge

    It's always a good idea to use base technologies that have already been proven to work well together. Although using the latest trendy language or framework might be all the rage, stacks that have been proven to work at large scales are going to save you time and effort. Being…

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  5. Think about your work

    Imagine that you are sitting in a meeting. Maybe you are thinking that the meeting could go on forever and that you would rather be programming. Dave and Andy would be thinking about why they were having the meeting, and wondering if there is something else they could do that…

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